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Bigelow Aerospace's successful launch of the Genesis-1 on 12. July 2006 is the first time a private company claims extraterrestrial space for human habitiation. Track Genesis-1 and read all about it on this page: genesis.html

This page is dedicated to displaying the progress of manned Spaceflight in Earth Orbit.

The image below shows the current position of the Space Shuttle and the ISS:

Click here for ISS close up (time stamp in upper right hand corner)
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(Position updates every 60 seconds)

A simple javascript means that you don't have to reload this page manually. You can even use the image on your website, to show your visitors where the Shuttle is.
When there is no shuttle in orbit this image will default to showing the position of the ISS.

Background: NASA used to provide a similar simple tracking tool and I decided to replace this service, because NASA stopped theirs:

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