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Iceberg Quikscat Display
of large Antarctic icebergs

Hot-linked Antarctic research stations are displayed on
(It is possible to click on the station symbols to go to their respective webpages.)

The location of the icebergs from Quikscat data is shown by a green square. Icebergs above a latitude 62 Degrees have been specially marked and are displayed with full coordinates. The size of the icebergs is not to scale.

Antarctic research stations are displayed on LEVEL THREE. It is possible to click on the station symbols to go to their respective webpages.

The data displayed here are from
and are typically updated once or twice a week, typically on Mondays and Fridays. Positions reported here are extracted from near real-time QuikSCAT data.

Positions reported in the full scientific iceberg database are generated from science data and have been more accurately tracked. The full database is updated only a few times per year.

This display cannot possibly contain all potentially hazardous icebergs in Antarctic waters -- QuikSCAT was designed for measuring ocean winds, not icebergs. QuikSCAT's serrindipitous utility for iceberg tracking has proven useful, but is not perfect: Smaller bergs (less than 5 km) cannot be reliably tracked and loss of contrast due to surface melting can result in loss of track for larger icebergs. Further, as the SCP team is not an operational agency, errors are expected and cannot be held responsible for omissions or errors. Also note that the large icebergs tracked here tend to shed smaller iceberg fragments which are serious navigation hazards in nearby areas. Fragments (large and small) can drift substantial distances from their origins.

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