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AveDesktopSites is a small program that replaces Active Desktop. Active Desktop has not been supported since Windows Vista or Internet Explorer 7. The displayed web pages cannot be clicked on.

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Unfortunately, the program has no installation routine. Therefore, please unpack the files in a folder and make a shortcut to it in the Startup folder. Then configure the page to display. Here is a list of possible active desktop backgrounds (copy the URL into the program):
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Visit James Lovelock's homepage. "The Earth, James Lovelock proposes, behaves as if it were a superorganism, made up from all the living things and from their material environment. "
The screensavers and "wallpapers" (active desktops) are optimized to display current images of the Earth without putting strain on the CPU of your computer.

Planet Earth From SpaceThis website displays every 20 minutes the latest global warming info, earthquakes, hurricanes, clouds, fires, active volcanoes, space shuttles, ships, satellites and icebergs. You can also track the state of the Polar icecaps, European Lightning, find weather forecasts, temperatures, wind directions, day and night zones, the moonphase and more...

Arctic Sea Ice There is now a movie sequence of the North Pole Sea Ice. You can watch how the Polar Ice melts in the summer, opening up the North West Passage.

In the winter the open seas quickly freeze again, making shipping impossible, except for ice breakers.

SShuttle ClockWith the Earth Clock from you can make a clock widget for XP and Vista, using maps from this website. The example on the left shows the position of the ISS. You can of course also use the views (Earth From The Sun), (Antarctic) or whichever you desire.

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This website uses "Blue Marble: the next generation" images from NASA, to portray the changing seasons of the planet. Every month a different earth map is displayed, which shows the changing colors of the vegetation and changes in ice coverage globally.

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