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Ronald H. Brown is a state-of-the-art oceanographic and atmospheric research platform, the largest vessel in the NOAA fleet.. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

The Coast Guard Cutter Healy is the United States' newest and most technologically advanced polar icebreaker. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

Hi'ialakai conducts coral reef ecosystem mapping, bio-analysis assessments, coral reef health and fish stock studies. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

The Norwegian G.O. Sars is one of the most advanced research vessels in the world. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

The Bjarni Saemundsson is built as a research vessel for general use for all applications. It is the second in the row of Icelandic stern trawlers. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

The German Polarstern is currently the most sophisticated polar research vessel in the world.[Website] [Detailed tracking].

Meteor is a German research vessel operating primarily in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean . [Website] [Detailed tracking].
The Japanese Oshoro Maru carries out research on behalf of the faculty of fisheries, Hokkaido University. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

The Ryofu Maru operates on behalf of the Japanese Meteorogical Agency. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

New Zealands Tangaroa is well equipped for stock assessment work. [Website] [Detailed tracking].
The BP British Trader carries LNG (liquefied natural gas) around the globe and is a webship of the Marine Society. [Website] [Detailed tracking].
Here you can see a selection of 20 current ship positions and water temperatures.

Ship location and temperature data courtesy
of (used by permission). Go to [this page] for a complete map of ship locations worldwide.

The ships shown here are selected for frequency of reporting and general interest. There are famous cruise ships, sailing ships which take paying crew and marine research vessels, some of whom explore polar waters.

The 20 ships in detail:

The Queen Mary 2 is presently the largest and most luxurious ship of the Cunard Line, moving between America and Europe. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

Queen Elizabeth 2, was the flagship of the Cunard Line for 30 years.. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

The Dutch Maasdam is the fifth ship in Holland America Line's more than 130-year history to bear the name. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

The Australian Spirit of Tasmania 2 provides cruises to Tasmania. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

Rainbow Warrior is the flagship of Greenpeace taking part in various campaigns. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

This Bounty replica was built 1960 for MGM studios' Mutiny on the Bounty with Marlon Brando.[Website] [Detailed tracking].

Since 1994 the barque Europa has roamed the seas of the world and built up the reputation of a ship that really sails, including to the Antarctic. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

Soren Larsen offers sail training cruises to untouched beauty and undisturbed cultures in the South Pacific. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

The GSF Explorer was formerly known as the Glomar Explorer. It was built for a secret operation, Project Jennifer, by the CIA to recover a sunken Soviet submarine, K-129, which had been lost in April 1968. It is now used as a ultra-deepwater drillship. [Website] [Detailed tracking].

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