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World Meteorological Organization© Icons used with permission of the World Meteorological Organization
Weather Icons
01 Sandstorm Sandstorm, Duststorm, Sand, Dust
02 Thunderstorms Thunderstorms, Thundershowers, Storm, Lightning
03 Hail Hail
04 Blowing Snow Blowing Snow, Blizzard, Snowdrift, Snowstorm
05 Snow Showers Snow Showers, Flurries
06 Snow Snow, Heavy Snow, Snowfall
07 Light Snow Light Snow
08 Sleet Sleet
09 Showers Showers, Heavy Showers, Rainshower
10 Scattered Showers Occasional Showers, Scattered Showers
11 Isolated Showers Isolated Showers

12 LIght Showers Light Showers
13 Freezing rain Freezing Rain
14 Rain Rain
15 Drizzle Drizzle, Light Rain
16 Fog Fog
17 Mist Mist
18 Smoke Smoke
19 Haze Haze
20 Overcast Overcast
21 Sunny Interval Sunny Interval, No Rain, Clearing
22 Sunny period Sunny Period,
Partly Cloudy, Partly Bright, Mild

23 Cloudy Cloudy, Mostly Cloudy
24 Bright Bright, Sunny, Fair
25 Fine Fine, Clear
26 Windy Windy, Squall, Stormy, Gale
27 Wet Wet, Humid
28 Dry
29 Freezing Freezing
30 Frost Frost
31 Hot Hot
32 Cold Cold, Chilly
33 Warm Warm
34 Cool Cool

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